Victoria Concordia Crescit

The mood has shifted.  Gone are the joyous supporters that used to attend this temple, full of hope and expectation.  In their place is a dark and angry mob.  A people who have been lied to for too long are now in open revolt against their once immortalised God.  Anger surges through the veins as tens of thousands pour forth invective.  The promise of a brighter future has not come to pass and we are now left holding on tighter and tighter to the memories of the past.   We became invincible and have been paying the price ever since.

Tail.  Slender.  Frail.  This man whose name we once sang has become the enemy within.  He was our strength.  He brought honour to our house.  He brought the King into our lives.  He fought for all that was right.  He did it all for us.  And yet, we have turned on this man.  We have forsaken him.  We sing not for his honour, but for his abdication.  We are no longer at war with our rivals, we are at war with ourselves.  A civil war is being waged for control of this Emirate that thousands travel to each week from near and far to experience euphoria.  It should never have come to this, being forced to rebel against a man who we have loved for a generation.  Victoria Concordia Crescit – Victory through Harmony.  Victory has gone, and it has taken the harmony away with it.  For this, his reign must end.