Monthly Roundup: October 2017

Welcome back!  I know I have been rather dormant for the past two years – I have been taking a bit of a break and spending time living and enjoying London and Europe.  It is time to head home, and I am refocusing my attention on Māori issues.  This brings a new focus for Ka Tōnuitanga which will feature two types of writing: first are Whakaaro – musings on issues of the day and their implications, with the aim of highlighting contemporary issues as they relate to law, policy, and economic development; and second, are longer form essays in which I share with you my analysis of the larger legal and economic issues confronting Te Ao Māori.  I am also providing a fortnightly column for The Spinoff of Māori policy and economic issues.

Each month I will also provide a summary of my previous writing in case you have missed anything!

Recent Articles

Where to now for Whānau Ora and Te Ture Whenua? The Spinoff (11/10/2017)

An analysis of why the two cornerstone policies of the Māori Party need to be progressed following their exit from Parliament.

Why Māori Need an Apology from the new Labour Government The Spinoff (23/10/2017)

A more nuanced piece than the headline suggests, I analyse the actions of the Helen Clark Administration and set out the three core areas that the new Labour Government need to address to advance Māori development.

Daily Whakaaro: Oxford, the New Zealand Project, and the Lands Case Ka Tōnuitanga (27/10/2017)

The first in my series of Daily Whakaaro, looking at the often overlooked aspect of the seminal Lands Case which established into our Nations lexicon the idea of the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi.

Daily Whakaaro: Where to next for the Māori Party? Ka Tōnuitanga (28/10/2017)

An analysis of the Māori party electoral defeat and what is required for the party to rebuild and challenge again in 2020.

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